Personal Injury

Personal injury law applies to a complex system of federal and state laws governing a wide variety of legal issues. Lawsuits involving personal injury are usually civil court matters but may involve criminal court, federal court as well as state and county agencies. Some of the types of personal injury lawsuits include:

Defective Drugs: There is a long list of drugs that have been found to be harmful to the public including: Avandia, Levaquin, Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, and Gadolinium-based Contrast Dye used in MRI testing. Class action lawsuits may be brought against the manufacturers of defective drugs to provide financial compensation to people that have been injured by drugs. See Defective Drugs for more info.

Defective Products: There are a high number of products that are defective, but on the market. These types of products include, but are not limited to: auto parts, airbags, drugs, medical devices, home appliances and toys.

Dog Bites: According to the Centers for Disease Control, close to 5 million people are affected by dog bites annually. Close to 1 million require medical attention. People that are bitten by dogs may receive financial compensation for their injuries by bringing a lawsuit against the dog owner. In fact, many dog owners have insurance to help absorb the costs associated with a dog bite injury.

Medical Malpractice: Lawsuits may be brought against a physician when the physician has been negligent in caring for an individual. This may involve delayed treatment or inappropriate care. See Medical Malpractice for more info.

Nursing Home Abuse: Nursing home abuse involves abuse or neglect that results in injury to an elderly person. See Nursing Home Abuse for more info.

Slip and Fall: There are many reasons why a person may slip and fall on a residential or commercial property such as ice and improper maintenance of the grounds. It may be the responsibly of one or more parties to ensure that grounds are safe for pedestrians. Responsible parties may include the property owner, the party that leases the property, and the government.

Vehicle Accidents: Auto and trucking accidents can be some of the most serious types of accidents. Lawsuits can be brought against the parties responsible for the accident. The award for financial compensation may be acquired from the injured party/s vehicle insurance policy and that of other responsible parties. See auto accidents and trucking accidents for more info.

Work Related Accidents: Work related accidents fall into the worker's compensation category. Worker's compensation provides compensation and vocational assistance to injured workers. Many types of workers can be affected by work related accidents such as construction workers and repair men. These types of workers may have been exposed to chemicals that cause medical conditions such as mesothelioma and benzene poisoning. Alternatively, injury may occur because of the use of equipment.

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