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Burt, “B”, or Mr. Padove as he is known in practice, is highly knowledgeable and effective legal counsel. More importantly, he is extremely ethical, very realistic, and does not waste time when he has a chance to act, nor will he waste yours. Throughout the process of a very convoluted divorce (which included my son), Burton has saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees by making sure we do not go to court for long shots (which often I created as emotions run high during divorces). This is the reason why you hire an attorney. I would have made bad choices on emotion without him and his expertise. He could have easily gone to court at least 5 separate times for issues knowing it would be a waste of time and collect thousands of dollars in legal fees, but chose not to (while giving me the option so should I choose to). Burton does not tell you what you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear, and gives options that are realistic, and then acts with fast, surgical precision. He has advised me counsel in the best manner, even had to create novel motions due to the unique and complexity of my case, and did so effective and efficient, like it was the back of his hand. Like the other title review states, he truly has a heart, and he truly does care! If I did not work in Customer service, I would be surprised that he does not have hundreds of 5 star reviews, but given that I do; satisfied customers often don’t take time to write reviews, they go on with there happy life. The course was not easy, but Burt has given me back my life, stability, and a sense of well being. I thank him from the bottom of my heart, and I hope this review will allow YOU to consider him as your GO TO attorney. He certainly is mine.


You will not be disappointed!! It doesn't get any better than this guy! He's very knowledgeable, fair, thorough, kind, and compassionate. I have immense respect for Mr.Padove. He is definitely one you want on your side fighting for you!!


Wow words can't express what all he helped me with. I went through a rough Marriage and got my divorce before I hired Mr.Burton But my Ex took me back to court trying to say I was not letting him see our kids which I had Been asking for him to see them and Mr Burton explained all the evidence I needed to prove it which I had and we went in and won our case. My Ex also wouldn't let me get my items from our old house which Mr Burton helped me where I was able to go pick up my belonging in which I have done now Thanks to Mr Burton I'm free from pain, walking on eggshells and being cheated on. He is really about working to make families happy and works hard to help you win your case.


I retained Mr. Padove to resolve a child support issue. His ethics mirrored my own and his thoroughness in the process was impressive. Equally impressive was his availability to answer questions, return e-mails or phone calls, and offer advice and considerations that were beneficial to me. I would highly recommend Burton Padove for your Family, Personal Injury, or Medical Malpractice needs.


Burton was very helpful in the question I asked along with giving me good advice as to what I need to do, answered me in a timely manner, thanks so much Burton!


Mr. Padove is a very knowledgeable and skilled attorney. He always returned my calls and emails promptly and answered any questions I had. He utilizes email and is very good at providing updates. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends or family.


I would recommend Burt without hesitation. My initial contact with him was for a real estate matter. I have known many lawyers and found Burt to be very knowledgeable, thorough, and most importantly (and somewhat rare for a lawyer), realistic about what the outcome was likely to be and what courses of action were likely to be most cost-effective in terms of results obtained. That was several years ago, and now Burt is my go-to lawyer whenever I have a legal question, whether it's family law, real estate, or employment. He gives good, sound advice, and tells me when the fight is worth it and when it's not. He is also very courteous and tactful, and never makes me feel that my questions or concerns are insignificant, or that other clients are more important. I also appreciate that Burt returns calls promptly, or if he cannot due to other obligations such as court appearances, will let me know when to expect a response. I've never had to call more than once to get a call back, and I have worked with Burt as needed over several years now. Recently I had a fairly unusual legal issue come up (totally not Burt's area of expertise, in fact, I sincerely doubt it is ANY lawyer's area of expertise), and I was impressed by how thoroughly Burt looked into all the possible issues before making any recommendations. To sum up, I would not hesitate to recommend Burt, and he will be the first and only attorney I call next time I need one.


Words can not express how thankful I am that I chose Burton Padove to handle my legal matters. Burton is professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He is prompt in returning phone calls and e-mails. Burton kept me informed throughout the entire process and always made sure I understood everything that was going on. I was able to rest easy knowing Burton was taking care of my legal issues. I would highly recommend Attorney Padove and know that if I have any future legal issues, he will be the first and only attorney I call.


When my son got in trouble three hours away from our home, I did not know who to call or how to help him. Through my husband's work benefit, I was given Burton Padove's contact information. Mr. Padove answered my call immediately even though he was busy and he promised to call me shortly. I did not expect to hear from him for several hours. Within a few minutes, Mr. Padove called me back. He took my son's case and left me worry-free. Mr. Padove kept me informed of all pertinent details of my son's case and handled it very professionally. I know now who to call should any more issues arise, or if I just need a great lawyer in northwest Indiana.


Burton is a great lawyer,i have an autistic daughter i was with her father for 13years,we were separated.I needed a lawyer for custody,visitation&support.i was lucky to find Mr.Padove he works with me to do what was the best for me and my daughter.he is very courteous,he always respectful and gentle with questions regarding my daughters special needs he has always answered my questions promptly,and if i didn't understand anything he explained them to me without making me feel stupid.I would rec amend him to any one.i had spoke with a few other attorneys whom did not understand the fact my daughters father is an alcoholic which made things difficult not only has he understood he is helping me to do what best .. he has gone through this with me step by step.always letting me what needs to be done with enough time for me to be able to do them .its nice to have some one willing to go the extra mile thank you Burton.


We used this attorney to do our will. It was great because most everything was done via email including revisions. One office visit to sign off on final documents. Very easy and painless. He also participates in the Hyatt Legal Plan so no upfront costs if you're in this plan!


Words alone can't express our thankfulness and just plain being lucky in finding Burton. The care and concern that he showed our family in such a time of great loss was beyond any expectations that you could have for a lawyer. Never in my life have I seen someone so dedicated to getting closure to a case and in such a short time. We just can't recommend this man high enough. Thanks from the Milhone family.


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