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Defective Products

Mr. Burton Padove has combined his medical/ legal expertise with his personal injury experience to represent plaintiffs’ interests in a variety of product liability cases based on theories of strict liability, negligence and breach of warranty. In fact, Mr. Padove is skilled at locating experts to testify about defective products in order to help substantiate the validity of claims. The types of the products under the scope of product liability include: pharmaceutical drugs, industrial or manufacturing component parts, construction equipment, lay products, food and drink.

There are many hazards associated with everyday products. In some cases, warnings about the product are displayed on the product. In other cases, the warning about the risk is not displayed on the product at all. Still, in other cases, the hazard could have been prevented if the manufacturer designed out the flaw that created the hazard. Finally, there are cases in which the product’s safeguard failed to adequately protect the user. Product liability lawsuits allow people who have been injured by products to receive financial compensation for their injuries. Product liability lawsuits help to improve warnings about products and allow for the recall of products that should not be on the market. Mr. Padove is intimately involved in lawsuits against the makers of defective drugs such as Avandia, Levaquin, Yaz, Yasmin, Ocella, and Gadolinium-based Contrast Dye used in MRI testing. See Defective Drugs for more information.

Client Reviews
"The course was not easy, but Burt has given me back my life, stability, and a sense of well being. I thank him from the bottom of my heart, and I hope this review will allow YOU to consider him as your GO TO attorney. He certainly is mine." Steven
"You will not be disappointed!! It doesn't get any better than this guy! He's very knowledgeable, fair, thorough, kind, and compassionate. I have immense respect for Mr.Padove. He is definitely one you want on your side fighting for you!!" Renee
"I was able to rest easy knowing Burton was taking care of my legal issues. I would highly recommend Attorney Padove and know that if I have any future legal issues, he will be the first and only attorney I call." Edy
"I was impressed by how thoroughly Burt looked into all the possible issues before making any recommendations. To sum up, I would not hesitate to recommend Burt, and he will be the first and only attorney I call next time I need one." Julie
"Words alone can't express our thankfulness and just plain being lucky in finding Burton. The care and concern that he showed our family in such a time of great loss was beyond any expectations that you could have for a lawyer. Never in my life have I seen someone so dedicated to getting closure to a case and in such a short time. We just can't recommend this man high enough." Rev