Dangerous Property

Dangerous property creates the risk of serious injury for individuals and the risk of premises liability for the property owner. Premises liability allows for the owner of the property to be legally responsible for people that suffer injury due to a dangerous condition. A premise liability lawsuit can allow seriously injured victims to receive financial compensation for their injuries, including: medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages.  Serious injuries that occur on dangerous property include: broken bones, spinal cord injury, brain injury and death.

Dangerous Property Hazards

Dangerous property hazards may be caused by the owner, a company that performs(ed) work on the premise and/or the materials used on the premise. Injuries may occur because of a defective building and surrounding area, parking lot, or home, as follows:  

Flooring and Sidewalk Accidents

  • Sidewalks or flooring that is uneven or cracked
  • Sidewalks or flooring that is slippery, wet, oily or icy
  • Sidewalks or pavement with potholes, open or cracked manholes or ditches

Stair Accidents

  • Stairs that are uneven or not constructed properly
  • Stair rails that are not properly fastened or are missing
  • Escalator malfunction

Safety Related Accidents

  • Poor or missing lighting in hallways, lobbies, and parking lots
  • Poor designation for marked parking lots that causes car accidents
  • Faulty security in building and parking lots that leads to a physical or sexual  assault on a victim
  • Failure of a premise owner to properly guard against or warn about a hazard
  • Dog Bite injuries

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