Be on the Look Out for Cell Phone Driving Laws

To date, some states restrict the use of cell phones and over 15 states have banned texting while driving. But just as cell phone technology has surged into the mainstream population, so is the number of bills that are expected to turn into laws against cell phone use during driving. So, why, you may ask.

The Statistics

The National Safety Council reported that cell phone use is the number one reason for drivers being distracted while driving. According to National Highway Safety Administration, 80% of accidents are caused by distractions. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Utah in 2006 demonstrated that people using cell phones while driving are as distracted as drunk drivers.

It is for these reasons that the lobbyists have stepped up to the plate to ban cell phone use while driving. The goal of the lobbyists is to ban cell phone talking, texting and picture taking. One such group is FocusDriven, an organization designed to promote more stringent laws against cell phone use while driving. This organization is modeled after MADD, an organization that made significant headway in the creation of tougher laws against drunk drivers. Jennifer Smith, leader of FocusDriven, is committed to the development of laws that protect drivers in light of her mother's death. Jennifer's mother was killed by a driver using a cell phone in 2008.

Legislation on the Platform
Indiana is one state that has legislation on the platform to deter and penalize people using cell phones while driving. The proposed legislation relates to text messaging, as follows:

  • Traffic Ticket Equivalent: text messaging on any road or highway for any individual.
  • Misdemeanor: text messaging on any road or highway for any individual.
  • Felony: text messaging that results in bodily injury to an individual.

It is important to be forewarned that just because automakers and technology companies are developing user friendly technology to allow you to use your cell phone while driving, this does not mean the technology will be approved for use by the lawmakers. Undoubtedly, there will be more bills that are introduced. More bills are expected to be adopted into laws against cell phone use while driving in the future as well.

Burton Padove is a member of FocusDriven, a group that advocates for no-text while driving laws. He is dedicated to helping to improve road and highway safety for drivers. If you have been injured by a driver using a cell phone, call Burton Padove for a free consultation at 219-836-2200 or 877-446-5294 for nationwide callers.

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